10 Point of Sales Software in Canada: Best POS Software to Use in 2019

We have researched and found the best Point of Sales software in Canada! Here are the best POS software solutions available for you to use in 2019!

If your retail store, restaurant or any other brick and mortar store needs POS software, you are in the right place.

POS or Point of Sales system not only helps you to manage inventory but also helps you to generate bills and receipts for the customers, suggest product re-purchases, and etc. Based on the size of your business, you can choose the best Point of Sales software in Canada.

Top 10 Point of Sales Software in Canada 2019:

Go through the best POS software systems available and select the one that caters your business needs:

1. Shopify POS: Shopify Point of Sales Software is an iPhone and iPad-based POS service from ecommerce solution Shopify. The app allows you to manage your physical and online store. Shopify POS is part of the ecommerce suite, allow you to take your business with you and manage your transactions and business tasks from everywhere. For more information, go to https://www.shopify.in/pos/retail
2. QuickBooks POS: If you are looking for a recognized, reliable or robust brand for your business, look no further as QuickBooks POS is the perfect one for you. With the desktop POS, you’ll get the support and quality of the QuickBooks brand.
3. Toast POS: This is one of the best and most successful POS systems for restaurants. It is an all-in-one POS solution that offers advanced functionality such as quick menu modifications, online ordering, tableside ordering, real-time reporting, labor management, and more.
4. Square: A very popular Point of Sale application, specially designed to provide stores and businesses a fast, reliable, and secure POS system. Square allows you to take payments using your Android or iOs device and can be implemented on-the-go or on the counter (it is your choice). The system comes with a downloadable software included and Square magstripe reader, allowing transactions via credit and debit cards.
5. Erply: Known as next-generation POS and Retail Software System, Erply has its background in custom ERP solutions. The team behind the POS system has realized that even though client requests and needs are different, there are lots of similarities such as things that worked well for all clients in managing POS, inventory, and relationships.

6. Lightspeed POS: The best retail Point of Sale system to manage your sales! They offer customers an easy way to build, manage, and run their retail businesses and provide an impeccable customer experience.
7. Vend: A retail management software that has taken retail to another level. You can run the best retail business in the world only with Vend POS system.
8. ShopKeep: An intuitive, modern, and easy to use, ShopKeep allows you to accept any form of payment. There are great features included such as employee management, automatic inventory tracking, real-time sales reporting, and more.
9. Primaseller: This software is known as the complete POS and multichannel inventory management system solution. This software allows multichannel retailers to manage their offline or in-store sales together with their online channels including marketplaces like Amazon or web stores.
10. TouchBistro: The #1 iPad Point of Sales system for restaurants in Canada and all over the world. The POS is designed for restaurant people by restaurant people. This POS solution helps restaurants make more money, offer a better customer experience, and make smart business decisions. In order words, TouchBistro was designed to make managing your restaurant and business easier.

Find your fit, track your sales and growth, stay connected with your customers, accept customer payments, and offer standout shopping experience.
Select the best Point of Sales software in Canada and grow your business!

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