There’s no doubt that doing business online is much easier when you are using the right POS system for your business online. The good news is that the market is loaded with excellent POS system solutions. Yet, not all of them match the requirements and needs of all businesses out there. This means that there are just a few solutions that may be adequate for your business. According to many experts, there are a few POS systems that have proven to be useful and helpful for most online businesses today. We will use this blog post to reveal some of them.

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a POS solution that works great on iPhone and iPad. With its help, you can handle your online and land-based stores from one place. It’s worth mentioning that their POS system is part of their eCommerce package which includes access to their payment processor and their eCommerce platform. So, this specific product is supported by years of experience and expertise that the guys from Shopify have. It comes with a unified interface and allows business owners and managers to sync their retail and online clients. Another thing that we like about this solution is that it allows integration with more than 100 payment gateways.

Cybersys POS

If you want to use your POS system on devices with different operating systems, then you can count on Cybersys POS. Today, there are hundreds of Cybersys POS users that belong to different industries. From online book stores to land-based cosmetic stores, Cybersys POS has shown that it’s worth the money. This POS system comes equipped with a smooth user interface and makes the creation of promo sales easy. It also provides support in over 10 languages. We should also mention that inventory management via Cybersys POS is very easy.

Lightspeed Retail POS

Finally, we have Lightspeed Retail POS, a system that offers more than regular POS features. With its help, you can take care of invoicing, quoting, ordering and many other things. Of course, this solution allows users to sell both in their physical stores and online stores. Regardless of the number of locations you have, tracking inventory in real time is easy when you have Lightspeed Retail POS on your side. It’s very simple and easy to set up the system and what’s great is that you can use it for SEO and online store management too.

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